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Evolution of a 135 year Old Family Pharmacy: from brick and mortar to aether

July 1st, 2020 marks a significant moment in Bilden history. Bilden Pharmacy was established in 1885 and the store has been passed down through each generation and is part of our families fabric and history. July 1st was the Bilden Drug Store's last day. I remember the smell of the musty basement and the taste of the water from the back room, the sound of the floors and the pride I felt in being connected to the only pharmacy in the small town.

It's incredible how life unfolds because at the very same time this era was ending I have been working quietly on this project to honor the Bilden Pharmacy... a different take on the store but my new project, bilden farmacy honors our family's past. Although it is not the same, I do feel my grandparents would be proud. When I mix my oils, carefully pour my candles and add the labels to each item I am honoring my family. July 1st is bittersweet. It was the end of an era but the beginning of a new one.

"Honoring our past and allowing change and transformation as we adapt to our ever changing world."

Amy Bilden

founder of bilden farmacy

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