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Bilden Farmacy is a concept born out of reverence and honor for our family's roots and history.  Blending both paternal and maternal traditions of pharmacy, farming + agriculture and teaching. With a mission of caring and nurturing ourselves and others, by honoring both our bodies and our spaces as sacred we may heal and transform. Through mixing and blending essential oils, hand pouring candles and traditional folk crafts of cut paper Amy connects with her family traditions.


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Simplicity + connection + quality + beauty 

Treating our time, our resources, our bodies and spaces as sacred and providing our community with products that do not add to the clutter of a busy life, but remind us to pause and simply enjoy. We are intentionally re-imagining the small business in today's world and leading with the values of our grandparents, in that we reuse and repurpose where possible and give back to our communities by supporting the organizations where our values align. 


Our mission is to deliver the highest quality products that are beautiful, sustainable, organic and personal. By caring for ourselves we are contributing to the greater good of our shared planet. 

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