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  • Will you deliver locally?
    Absolutely! If you are within the greater Norwalk area we will hand-deliver your products to you!
  • Can I refill my products?
    Yes, Please! We believe deeply in eliminating single use plastic and therefor have sourced our amber glassware so you may continue to reuse them for years to come!
  • How do I return bottles for reflill?
    To return your bottles simply email bilden farmacy with details and we will arrange a pick-up if you are local. For people outside of the Norwalk area bilden farmacy will send you an addressed envelope
  • Is the cost of a refil the same as a new product?
    No, we will give you a reduced rate as our token of appreciation and thanks! We believe in caring for our planet and want to help change what retail looks like! Thank you for being part of that mission!
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